7 For 17: Trends to Look Out for and Adapt in Your 2017 Marketing Strategies

1. Interactive & Multimedia Agreeable

Because 2017 will not be all about the appulse of words; it will be about the adventures created for the consumer, and sometimes words are artlessly just not abundant to educate, absorb and engage. We accept all begin ourselves bribery through argument abandoned to move to something new because we lose interest. For this acumen alone, all brands accept to try to appoint their audiences through images, quizzes, clips, GIFs, videos, infographics – annihilation that will accomplish your brand’s amount jump off of the screen, because words abandoned are like abandoned promises nowadays. Alpha experimenting and analyze the amaranthine possibilities on offer!

2. Reside Alive & Video Agreeable

Ditch the script, improvise, and go reside – simple as that! What bigger way to appoint with your admirers than giving them a absolute glimpse of what you’re accomplishing and what your amount ethics are. Reside alive and video agreeable will abide to advance the boundaries, acceptance brands to bead the accumulated veil, affix human-to-human, and acquiesce users to participate in cast storytelling in means that adorn the chump experience. So, alpha all-embracing the agenda chat by accumulation reside agreeable streaming, visuals and videos!

3. Personalisation

Everyone’s special, or at atomic we all like to anticipate we are. No amount what your attitude is on this, you accept to get claimed with your ambition admirers – for starters, your website, emails and amusing media should. Alpha segmenting your agreeable to ability altered types of admirers associates based on their preferences, habits, etc. – because let’s face it, if you accumulate alleviative them as one constant accumulation you are apprenticed to lose out on the huge abeyant of your message. Alpha absolutely analysing the data: location, age, needs, hobbies and so alternating – the technology is available, so accomplish the a lot of of it and you will not lose out.

4. Purpose Driven Business

Become a cast that gives and gets! In today’s apple we’re all searching to be allotment of something bigger, something allusive that will accomplish a difference. Everyone’s amorous about their causes and assurance me, barter will adulation that you accept one too. Partner with a non-profit or charity, or set up an centralized programme that “gives back” in some way – and you’re apprenticed to win over the hearts of your barter as able-bodied as employees, allowance them affix added absolutely with your cast as a whole.

5. Built-in Commercial

No one brand ads, unless you administer to blooper them into agreeable contexts that your users are already allotment of and accord amount to. This is the amount acumen built-in commercial is demography the business apple by storm: $36.3 billion will be spent on built-in ad spending by 2021. Good built-in commercial is not meant to be trickery; it’s alone acceptance a cheat to allotment publishing accoutrement with marketer, whilst at the aforementioned time advance chump assurance by cogent the truth, getting cellophane as to who’s cogent it, and assuredly abacus amount to the chat with an audience. If done properly, it can be a win-win situation.

6. Adaptable

Mobile is not just first, it’s second, third – it’s everywhere and everything! Internet cartage is durably acquired added from adaptable accessories than desktops and if you’re not gearing your content, ads and online acquaintance appear adaptable users, you are absolutely missing a huge opportunity. Remember not to stop at optimizing for mobile. Also, ensure that the specific agreeable is chip and admiring of the lifestyles of users-on-the-go!

7. Embrace the lOT

How alarming is it that your fridge can in fact admonish you that you’re alive out of milk and gives you the advantage to abode an adjustment immediately! Accustomed altar are alpha to affix to the internet, and this trend is traveling to accessible the doors for brands to play a added alive allotment in the accustomed lives of consumers. By 2020 there will be 75 billion affiliated accessories – now that’s a boom! The implications are huge and far alignment as we will attestant a transformation in the way we reside our lives, and appropriately the way we bazaar our brands.

In short, accumulate the 7 in mind, utilise your budgets finer and break advanced of the game